A system according your expectations ... 

As individual as your needs and expectations are, so individual must be your system. 

Let us analyze your power supply or navigation system. Find out the weaknesses of your system, how to fix them and improve it. 

It is very important that all the components of a independent power supply on a boat are coordinated and designed to your requirements. Only then, they can achieve the required performance, reliability and durability that give you a carefree time on the water. 


Don't hesitate to contact us, with passion we find a individual solution for you.


What is technology's value... 

Are you planning to buy a yacht?

Whether new or used, you should definitely think about the technology on Board.

Power supplynavigation equipment and entertainment electronics have become an integral part of today's yachts. They contribute a large part of the safety and comfort on board. 

Are you not sure what makes the power supply or the navigation equipment is worth? Let us advise you not to buy “art for the museum” or those who do not meet your needs. You save yourself hassle and cost if you know what you expect.  

Get a second opinion from us and take advantage of our experience. We can identify any problem areas early in order to eliminate them.   


Protected from lightning…

Lightning protection on boats is still an imported topic. There are more and more electronic on board and it contributes a large part to the comfort and safety on board. So it should there fore be properly protected. 
But not just for electronics, also for hull, engine, water supply and crew are a considerable risk.

Your boat can be protected by different levels against this nature force, we will advise you.


Avoid corrosion ...

Corrosion is mainly on aluminum and steel boats an ongoing issue, because the damage is immense. 
Therefore, you should be sure that your boat is protected from corrosion.

We measure the degree of protection, find and fix the problem areas and and explain the problems. So you can relax and smile if the next time corrosion is the topic.

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