The great adventure blue water cruising...


The preparation is a big part of every journey, the anticipation of something is often more important than the event itself. Probably this not that true for a sailing journey.

Preparations take in terms of safety, comfort, and cost / benefit considerations for each of us a large, usually complex and time-consuming part.

We are therefore convinced that a individual consultation is the A and O. If it just to answer the last two open questions.
It is equally important to be able to discuss their own experiences and cognitions.

A consultation should not happen dependent on products, but should be adapted to the needs and demands of the adventurers. Considerations in matters relating to maintenance, repair, operating and usability should be included and whether a care and support is ensured even during the trip.

The decision-making, product selection and installation of the components is a long way, we love to join and support you on it.
We share our own experience in planning, equipping and maintenance of cruising yachts and our know-how of electrics / electronics and the boat building with joy to you.

A system that has been designed, installed and commissioned by your self and your technician, is the best system of all. The selection of the components plays only a subordinate role.

A system that you know, understand and trust, is the goal of our work.


If you like to get some technical informations have a look in our "Good to know" section were you find a lot of know-how to different topics. Also our eTool provide a compact "Good to know" for all devices in your clear power supply graphic.

We are also still there for you, after you have released the shore lines. Is it just for a operation question, a real problem or as a recipient of an exotic postcard.

Our eTool combines all the information about your system, so you have them at your fingertips, also third party can get a quick overview and get all the necessary data's.

We are also happy to advise you before purchase the boat, so that you already know on what points you can have a eye on. If you like we can analyze the system, or parts of it from your pictures.

Do not leave your systems to chance.

Arrange a date for an initial interview.


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