Power supply on board


A reliable and adequately dimensioned power supply is essential on a yacht today, it contributes a large part to the comfort as well as safety on board.

If you interested  themselves in your systems and their specifications , faults can often be rectified or at least localized.

In the following pdf's you will find answers to frequently asked questions in the field of independent power supply.

As a longtime Mastervolt technician and cognoscente of the popular "PowerBooks" I do not have to reinvent technical explanations.
The comments in the Mastervolt Powerbook are very detailed and in my opinion, concise and understandable.

If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact us. We will be gladly make you customized Info Audio or little movie.

Or use our free eTool, with the clear "power supply graphic"!

We strongly recommend for every adjustment on a existing power system, designing a new one  or buying a new or used boat  to contact a specialist with experience in independent power supply AND boating. So you can avoid bad surprises, functions and installations.

y-tronics have a big knowladge in sailing, power supply on vessels and boat building.




Technical Background Mastervolt


 Electricity: How does it work?

 Frequently asked questions about battery charger

 Frequently asked questions about battery Inverters

 Frequently asked questions about Combi devices

 All you need to know about alternators

 Battery as power source

 Wiring & Fuses

 Technical terms


Like to read it in FR - NL - IT - ES (full Mastervolt Powerbook -> Technical background @ end of the book)


Products that we recommend:


In terms of product selection, brand choice is in our opinion secondary, important is that you have a device / system which satisfy your requirements, as well as the technical. Furthermore, it is important to have far-reaching support, is it due an international dealer and technician network or even your personal technician who knows your system.

In this respect, we usually recommend products from Mastervolt, because we know these since years and be able to guarantee a fast support.







Chargers to recharge your batteries gently, efficiently and quickly. Network capable to communicate with other components in the system. Charging parameter are freely adjustable, so also special batteries can be charged.


Chargers from Mastervolt






With an inverter you have 230V / 110V always available. In power classes from 300W - 5000W, 12/24V, with an efficiency of 90-93% for a 24/7 operation.


Inverters from Mastervolt


Charger / Inverter Combis



A Combi combines loaders and inverter as well as the automatic switching. Functions such as shore current limiting and power support, as well as networking capability complete the range of settings. Some even has integrated MPPT solar charge controller


Combis from Mastervolt



DC DC converters

DC DC Converter


DC DC converters convert your DC voltages in a desired another DC voltage. They also can be / voltage stabilized / isolated. 12V & gt; 24V, 24V & gt; 12V, 48V & gt; 12V - 12V & gt; 12V etc. Also DC DC chargers are available


DC DC Wandler von Mastervolt



Masterbus components

Masterbus components


The Masterbus networked, automated and integrates all your power electronics components. Whether battery monitor, digital switching, tank, NMEA2000 interface or GSM modules


Masterbus Components



Digital switching

Digital switching


Digital switching allows the integration and control of the entire electrical system via single device, if it is the plotter or your tablet. Visibility and control was never easier.


Digital switching Components from Mastervolt



Charge controllers & Alternators

Charge controllers & Alternators


High performance alternators with corresponding controllers recharge your batteries with your main engine, efficiently and completely, so that the engine running time can be reduce .


Charge controllers & Alternators from Mastervolt



Transfer systems

Transfer systems


Die Umschaltung von Landstrom, Generator- oder Inverterstrom in einer Kiste, je nachdem Netzwerkfähig mit den entsprechenden Daten


Transfer systems from Mastervolt



Insolations transformers

Insolation transformers


Whether to separate your vehicle from shore power, to protect your boat against corrosion or to convert 230V to 110V or vice versa.


Insolation transformers from Mastervolt






The battery is the heart of each independent power supply system, that it can meet your requirements, it is important to choose the right batterie and monitor its state of charge continuously.


Batteries from Mastervolt



Charge distribution / diodes

Charge distribution / diodes


Diodes and charging distributors organize the charge of different battery banks, so that they get charged together, but are separated when discharging.


Charge distribution / diodes from Mastervolt



Shore power cables

Shore power cables


That shore power comes waterproof, without losses and durable on board.


Shore power cables from Mastervolt



Comfort system

Comfort system


The comfort package - Charger / inverter combination, battery monitoring and protection, display / control panel, and shore power cable. Everything in one package


The Comfort system von Mastervolt


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