Terms & Conditions

1. Scope
The following terms and conditions apply to all current and future business relationships with our customers, even if they are not incorporated by reference. Different or additional terms and conditions of the customers are not part of the contract.

2. Liability for the availability of the service
2.1 In view of the global activity and the associated different time zones, an availability 24 / 7 is not guaranteed.
2.2 The Company is not liable for the continuous accessibility of the site, nor that an order is handled within a certain time.

3. Order granting / Warranty / Cancellation
3.1 There is no guarantee for order processing before you confirm the offer and sufficient credits are available on your account.
3.2 In order to accelerate the creation of an offer, and order processing, y-tronics recommend, recording of all the equipment and installations on board in the eTool, with advantage also with photos. Thus, all information’s are already available by creation the offer and we avoid lengthy requests.
3.3 Should an order be canceled, must that be done in writing or by telephone, it can occur costs depending on the availability if the order has already been processed.

4.Terms of payment
4.1 Payments for y-tronics services are performed in a PrePay process over the eTool. You buy working units in minutes, the so-called "workpoints" over PayPal. You can see the charged workpoints for every jop in the eTool. Every month you will receive a collective bill in pdf format.
4.2 Your remaining balance will be displayed in the e-tool and can be refunded at will.
4.3 If the deposits should be refunded, this must be requested in writing. Depending on availability, this may take some time. The refund will be made just in 10 steps, and after deduction of an expense fee of CHF 10 - credited directly to your PayPal account. Bonus workpoints will not be refounded 

5. Costs
The price of the work points based on an hourly rate of 80 Swiss francs (= 60 workpoints). The registration cost once 40.- CHF. It includes a one-time fee for the eTool and contains 30 additional "work points". Other work points can be purchased in units of 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes. If you buy equipment or systems from y-tronics, the consulting fees will be charged adapted.

6. Warranty and Damages
6.1 For damages, regardless of the legal basis, the company is only liable for intent, gross negligence and lack of a guaranteed quality. This also applies to vicarious agents and legal representatives of the company.
6.2 Since y-tronics is not the person performing labor on the boat, are any claims for damages due to faulty manipulation impossible. Please pay close attention to operating and safety instructions of the equipment. If you are uncertain about the work to be performed and precautions we are happy to advise you.
6.3 In all other cases, the company is only liable if essential contractual obligations (cardinal obligations) are violated. The claim for compensations is limited to the damages to the typically foreseeable damage. A balance of atypical or unforeseen damage does not occur.
6.4 Drag professionals on site if possible to be run installations or bug fixes.. For further information’s read literature, we are happy to recommend some for you.

7. On-site service
The local service is basically restricted to the analysis of the system, troubleshooting, training, monitoring the installation or trouble fixing. If desired, system solutions and proposals, and schemas can be created. A troubleshooting or installation of equipment is possible only in simple cases, as not on many places is allowed to work. Likewise, not all the necessary tools and materials are available or can be carried. We are happy to decide individually in each case, how a fast, simple and reliable solution is possible. This service is only partially available in Switzerland and the hourly rate can deviate from this here.

7.1. Cost / workingday
Basically, the hourly rate is 80 - SFr. a working day is normally 8.5 hours, it may take longer depending on the situation. The operating times will be agreed locally and depend on the situation, light, noise and shipyard availability. Delays on site, do not go to loads of y-tronics.
7.2 Traveling expenses
The travel expenses consist of travel time and flight / train / taxi coast. To keep travel costs low, we recommend that you ask your dock and anchor neighbors as well. So you can share the travel costs with them. The travel time is estimated and calculated individually.
7.3 Lodging and meals
Basically, the technician can stay on the boat and be cared for. It lies in his decision to book themselves into a middle class hotel and eat there.

8. Delivery terms
There are the delivery terms of our suppliers. On the offer is a link to those. When placing an order you automatically accept the delivery terms of the relevant supplier.

9. Privacy Policy
The conscientious use of your personal information is important, so y-tronics not share your information with third parties and treat all customer information confidential. However, this does not apply to data that are publicly accessible or y-tronics were known before signing a contract. Ideas, experiences, methods and concepts which will be developed while providing a service by y-tronics alone or with the customer, are not to be treated as confidential.

10. Complaints
Please submit your complaints in writing or arrange a telephone call.

11. Feedback
We are glad to hear some feedback after job completion, so that the service can be improved continuously. We are also happy if you recommend y-tronics to your neighboring boat.

Please give him your account number or your name to get a couple of extra workpoints.

12. Legal venue
Legal venue is in any case, Zurich, Switzerland

13. Good faith
The aim of this service is to provide the customer with a quality, personalized service. The top priority is to have the problem solving, functionality and customer satisfaction at a high level.

14. Final determination
If any provision of the contract between us and the customer including these terms and conditions be completely or partially invalid or should contain a void, the validity of the remaining provisions are not be affected.


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