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I'm a enthusiastic water sportsman and technician, always motivated to find individual solutions in best quality. 

With my apprenticeship in electronics, I've laid the foundation for my expertise in electrical and electronical fields. During my second apprenticeship in boat building, I gained the knowledge for handling, construction and maintenance of boats and yachts. 

The years as an engineer on yachts have brought me much practical experience. I have also learned where problems can arise and how to find solutions for different needs. 

I was able to establish contacts with experts and engineers from manufacturers. This allows in complicated cases to fall back to a reliable network and stay always on the cutting edge of the technology. 

My passion to be independent on the way, the hours under sail and in the caravan, complete the ambition to always strive for the best solution. 

Everybody who wants to be independent, there is no standard solution. Everyone has his own needs, desires and expectations.To pick up these and flow it into your system is my primary goal. 

This challenge to find for each one individually tailored solution, even in the remotest areas on the globe, is what fascinates me and drives me on. We are moving to the most beautiful places in the world. Unfortunately we don’t have always trained, motivated and improvisational experts available who know our yacht and still speak our language. 

I would be happy to relieve also one of your worries. 

Silvio Franceschini

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